Nick Alm (f 1985) har fått sin grundläggande konstnärliga utbildning på KV Konstkola i Göteborg och 2006-2007 på klassiska Florence Academy of Art. 2011 studerade konstnären hos Odd Nerdrum i Norge och Frankrike.

“I aim to communicate what is inherently and universally human, transcending cultural codes and trends. I interpret whatever awakens me to something extra in my surroundings, from the context itself to the details, the psychological tension between people, a state of mind, a mood or an opportunity to express painterly joy. It’s not my goal to criticize or change society; instead my work addresses itself primarily to the inner world of the individual. Hopefully my work will offer the viewer a break from everyday life, evoking a sense of recognition that leads to a moment of reflection, or perhaps inciting a creative urge.”

– Nick Alm