In 1989 I began my studies at the Royal Art Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. At that time the art critics and professors at the academy claimed that painting was dead. The more they repeated it, the more it made me doubt. The impossible mission attracted me. The challenge for me was to mix conceptualism and formalism – to make a consequent artwork with both dimensions and ever since I have experimented with representation in figurative painting.

Twisting historic, geographic site-specific references fascinates me. I sample and remix images together with my imagination in order to create my art. Most of all I experience 3 dimensions: the concrete paint, the motif and the reflection of the reality. Old interiors are challenging me. These motives deal with the notion Das Unheimliche as Freud called it. You experience something you think you know, but then at the same time there is something unknown present that scares you. Cozy and frightening at the same time like a scenery in a Hitchock movie.

In 1994 I lived in NY and went to School of Visual Arts and in 1998 I had my first solo-exhibition in NY in the gallery Art Projects International (Arrested Exposure reviewed in Art in America by the artcritic Jonathan Goodman).

Besides exhibiting in USA I have international experience especially from China, France and Germany. I have been represented by Hans Alf Gallery and Galerie Leger on artfairs like Art Fair St. Peterburg 2009/2010, Art Chicago 2011, AAF New York 2011, London Art 2011, Art Basel Miami 2012 and 2013, ARCO Madrid 2013 and Market Stockholm. In the last year I have had shows in Devin Borden Gallery in Houston, Underground Gallery in London and Artdocks in Bremen. I am pleased to have my first one man show, titled “Where is my mind” with Galleri Agardh & Tornvall in Stockholm.”

Anders Moseholm, Copenhagen Oct 2015