“Maud du Jeu’s sculptures are intimate in both scale and subject. Dancers and lovers are the subject matter of particular interest to Maud. Each 
lends itself to the artist’s expressiveness; exploring the beauty of the human form in motion, be it a ballerina stretching after a performance or a couple in a tender embrace.
 Her ability to manipulate the chosen medium, bronze, is subtly mesmerising. With confidence and skill Maud captures the very essence 
of her models, breathing life in to an artform that is all too often handled 
in a static and lifeless manner. Over the past two decades Maud du Jeu’s captivating figures have led 
to numerous solo shows around in Europe”.

– Francesca Fiumano

Nästa Maud Lewenhaupt du Jeu Utställning! 30.06 – 29.07.2018 på Krapperups Konsthall

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