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Makode Linde – The New Black 

September 14  – October 7

The exhibition The New Black is a refugee sequel to the Royal Exhibition, which takes place somewhere between the Emperor’s new clothes and the French Revolution.

Fine Prints

August 26 – September 9

with 60 work from Galleri Agardh & Tornvall publications.

Grand Finale

June 28 – June 15

The exhibition will contain selected works of:
Odd Nerdrum, Johan Patricny, Nick Alm, Lennart Jirlow, Bengt Lindström, Karl Mårtens, Joakim Johansson, Cecilia Sikström, Maud Lewenhaupt du Jeu, Anders Zorn, Christopher Rådlund, Mats Åkerman & Stanislaw Zoladz.

Anders Moseholm

Space Will Not Remember

April 27 – may 16


“The paintings in SPACE WILL NOT REMEMBER are not specific locations, but they are expressing my state of mind. Trying to express a dream of a space, in which existential human contradictions can give inspiration to one another”.

-Anders Moseholm

Maud Lewenhaupt du Jeu

Sculptures and drawings

May 18 – June 3


“Maud du Jeu’s sculptures are intimate in both scale and subject. Dancers and lovers are the subject matter of particular interest to Maud. Each lends itself to the artist’s expressiveness; exploring the beauty of the human form in motion, be it a ballerina stretching after a performance or a couple in a tender embrace. Her ability to manipulate the chosen medium, bronze, is subtly mesmerising. With confidence and skill Maud captures the very essence of her models, breathing life in to an artform that is all too often handled in a static and lifeless manner. Over the past two decades Maud du Jeu’s captivating figures have led to numerous solo shows around in Europe”.

-Francesca Fiumano

Cecilia Sikström


May 18 – June 3

Johan Patricny

All work has been drawn and painted from life.

February 11 – March 11

Christopher Rådlund ,“UNDER HIMMELEN” November 2016
Odd Nerdrum, “Passion”, October 2016
Nick Alm , September 2016
Bengt Lindström , Maj 2016
Kjell Landfors: ”LANDSKAP SKULPTUR”, April 2016
Mats Åkerman: ”Lilla Mysteriet”, March 2016
Nick Alm, “Behov och Begår”, January 2016
Odd Nerdrum, “In Arcadia”, november 2015
Anders Moseholm , ”Where is my mind”, oktober 2015
Joakim Johansson, ”In Transit”, september 2015
FABRIKEN i Torekov, sommaren 2015
”Jazz”, Henri Matisse, maj 2015
Susanna Arwin, ”Med Handväska som vapen”, april 2015
Vårsalong, april 2015
Camilla West, ”Mina landskap”, feb 2015
ICONS; Women in photography, jan-feb 2015

Samlingsutställning, dec 2014
Mats Åkerman, ”Herran”, okt/nov 2014
Tina Heiska, ”Mirages”, september 2014
Joakim Johansson, ”Enigma”, Edsvik Konsthall, sommar 2o14
Unga tecknare, maj 2014
Anders Zorn, etsningar, april 2014
”40 år i branschen”, jubileumsutställning, februari 2014

Anastasya Kuznetsova-Ruf, ”Don´t miss”, jan7feb 2014
Stanisalw Zoladz, ”Mitt Stockholm” nov/dec 2014
Margareta Sieradzki, november 2104
Joakim Allgulander, ”Intruders”, oktober 2014
Christopher Rådlund, ”Moderna ruiner och eviga landskap, september 2014
Christer Karlstad, ”The Quiet Earth”, maj 2014

Joakim Johansson, Avesta Art, sommar 2013
Mats Åkerman, ”Damen”, september 2013
Salvador Dali, Skulptur, Edsvik Konsthall, sommar 2013
Henrik von Gerber, Changing Scenery, maj 2013
Johan Patricny, ”Måleri, mars 2013
Ann Lillqvist, ”Pärlor, svanar och rosetter”, februari 2013

Kjell Landfors, Retrospektiv, Edsvik Konsthall, november 2012
Mats Åkerman, ”Under”, mars 2013
Bengt Böckman, ”Bilder från ett liv”, februari-april, Kulturen i Lund
Natasha Dahnberg, målningar och objekt, november 2011
Christopher Rådlund, ”Tillägnan
Odd Nerdrum, ”Skatt och misshandlade djur”, Edsvik Konsthall 2011
Marius Moe, Norska Landskap, 2011
Anne-Lie Larsson-Ljung, måleri, 2011
Roj Friberg, Retrospektiv, Edsvik Konsthall, hösten 2010
Mats Åkerman, ”A LA PRIMA”, retrospektiv Edsvik Konsthall, 2010
Coignard, Corneille & Papart, mars 2010
Peter Tucker, ”Paintings in the Park”
Natasha Dahnberg, ”Viktiga saker”, februari 2009